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Alternative Vibes | Bringing quality of living to life

Bringing quality of living to life


Our Mission

Alternative Vibes is dedicated to bringing quality of living to life by helping families find peace and harmony through our services, education, and giving back to the community.

Whether you are looking for a more natural way of living, or simply looking for preventative options, we are here to help guide you in a path towards achieving your goals.


After the first few days of giving our son Karter the Alternative Vibes hemp oil, we noticed his attitude was calmer, he was happier, and he was doing well in school.
— Kristi - Read More Here


Featured Products


Named by, and dedicated to Karter Hartzheim — a wonderful, compassionate, and loving little man of 10 yrs old.

Ginger Spice

Any friend of your digestive health, is a friend of ours. Simple, yet potent this bottle is a staple in our cabinets.

Dream Vibes 

A lullaby in liquid form. As a nighttime formula, comfort is a must wellness is a plus! ...And all you have to do is dream.


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